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Why Rotate Your Products?

Why rotate your products?

Here is the answer to the blog in our Q:

Our skin cells need rotation, circulation and good nutrition that absorb properly just like our bodies do. Moerani’s proprietary science enables absorption of their products to penetrate deep into the skin layers at the cellular level. Moerani’s natural exfoliating process enables your skin to absorb the nutrients. By rotating the different products, the skin does not become immune to the products. We have customer Blogs stating they come back to Moerani products because they “see a difference” with the creams, oils, serums and scrubs that amazingly enhance each other. They rotate the products according to the difference they see and feel in their skin. “I use the Restore Mask Scrub 3 days in a row. The following week I use it Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I rotate the Tranquil Sleeping Oil and Miracle Oil every night. I didn’t  realize until I read the labels that they each have different natural Retinols as ingredients that don’t irritate my skin. I follow with Renew Luxury Facial Cream on top. I wake up moist but not greasy! My skin is amazing as far as fine lines… they are gone. My friends ask me what I’m doing and I probably should tell them.😊I’m addicted to Moerani products and I can’t stop.”

Erica Age 30 San Francisco CA

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